The Loot and Dagger Podcast

8. Numenera | S2E1 | Ride the Lighting! (Then get motion sickness)

May 17, 2017


In season 2 our story begins back in Baytown with a shiny new adventure starring Pierce Ringer and Dr. Harrold Green. A girl has reached out to the duo and requested help in freeing her and her brother from Pierce's mortal enemy, Abraham Brass of the Sacred Sun cult.  Lightning will be rode, toy bears will murder foes, and more time than necessary will be spent discussing the coffee bean.

Season 2 - Part 1 - Ride the Lighting! (Then get motion sickness) 

The Loot and Dagger Podcast is part radio drama, part live tabletop roleplaying, and several parts extravaganza.  

New season! We'll be going through Monte Cook's "Vortex" module.

 Season 2's rule system: Numenera

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