The Loot and Dagger Podcast

3. Numenera | S1E3 | That time Harold Green read all the minds.

March 5, 2017

Our heroes have arrived at Redstone intent to deliver the miners from the literal and figurative nightmare that swallows their lives whole. Those who have not fled the city are some combination of mad, depressed, determined, or on a lot of drugs. Questions are raised! Did Ted interrupt the signal and spill too many of Harold's secrets?  Does prolonged exposure to Harold's scan thoughts "spell" cause cancer? Is anyone safe from his cranial creeper-y? Are we sure the players and DM actually read the rules on how scan thoughts work? Will Pierce Ringer finally be able to do a super cool montage scene? What ever happened to Ted?   

Season 1 - Part 3 - That time Harold Green read all the minds.

The Loot and Dagger Podcast is part radio drama, part live tabletop roleplaying, and several parts extravaganza.  

Season 1's rule system: Numenera

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