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2. MONSTER! FIGHT? DIAGO! BOAT? FIRE! | S1E2 | The Nightmare Switch | Numenera

February 19, 2017

In part 2 of the The Nightmare Switch our reluctant heroes are in route to Redstone aboard a large, and admittently fancy, water craft. Their aim? To save the town of Redstone from nightmares. Little do they know about the dangers lurking in river they float. Should we worry about the Gazer's signal being intterupted by Abraham of the Sacred Sun? Will Diago, though cute, finally meet his cuddly end? Will Pierce Ringer and Harrold Green actually get to Redstone or will they drift along for the rest of the season drinking coffee and searching for valueable loot? 

Answers will be had and more questions raised in Part 2!

Season 1 - Part 2 - MONSTER! FIGHT? DIAGO! BOAT? FIRE!

The Loot and Dagger Podcast is part radio drama, part live tabletop roleplaying, and several parts extravaganza.  


Season 1's rule system: Numenera www.numenera.com


(Nightmare Switch module which can be found/purchased at www.numenera.com)
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