The Loot and Dagger Podcast

1. Numenera | S1E1 | It seems only coffee can save us.

February 9, 2017

One billion years in the future and a time displaced scientist not only knows what coffee is but demands this elusive bean from the locals. A mysterious automation offers Pierce Ringer an inheritance from his biggest fan's estate, which comes with a contract. The town of Redstone needs to be saved from horrible and debilitating nightmares and it seems Pierce Ringer, with the help of Harrold Green, and a trusty toy robot bear, are the only ones willing and able for the job. 

Season 1 - Part 1 - It Seems only coffee can save us.

The Loot and Dagger Podcast is part radio drama, part live tabletop roleplaying, and several parts extravaganza.  

Season 1's rule system: Numenera

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