The Loot and Dagger Podcast

13. Numenera | S2E6 | Journey to the lair of the Sacred Sun

June 24, 2017

Our heroes traveled through the Narthax, an ancient alien elevator of sorts that can take you just about anywhere in physical space, and maybe time. The journey has led them deep in the heart of an underground world full of holy paths and mysterious corridors. The stage is set to finally come face to face with the Sacred Sun. Bloodshed, Nano (wizard) duels, and Diago buzzsawing kneecaps all can and will happen. I wonder if Harrold Green knows that his wife, Mary Green, is reaching out through the datasphere to find him? 

I wonder if Mary Green is a 300 year old battle hardened demigod?

Can Pierce Ringer truly manipulate time or is that just a plot crutch the DM uses when things get dicey?


We're using a heavily modified verison of Monte Cook's "Vortex" module.

Season 2's rule system: Numenera

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