The Loot and Dagger Podcast

12. Numenera | S2E5 | The Electric Dream of Ringer and the Bean

June 18, 2017

REJOICE! Pierce Ringer, Harrold Green, Kelly the Sometimes Cypher Hunter, and Tony the Mutant were victorious in killing the swamp monster that terrorized Dog Lake. Jutte is safe(er) and now the team sets their sights on the real prize, Abraham Brass and the Sacred Sun. A new voice enters the fray thanks to some questionably timed dream sequences. Also, somewhere in the distance Travis Burke, a multidimensional PI for hire, has a meeting with a Gift automation employed by The Collective Hive Mind of Queen Numba the Destroyer.  Prepare for bad poetry. 

We're using a heavily modified verison of Monte Cook's "Vortex" module.

Season 2's rule system: Numenera

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